Email Marketing

We run specialized email marketing automation which especially provides industries with repeat business customers and high-consideration purchases, a true unfair advantage over your competitors.

Get customized email marketing services to calculate the true lifetime value of your customer base, and push your return-on-investment expectations to another level altogether.

With Cling Digital, you get a free audit to decide if we’re the best fit – Book an audit today you will glad you did.


Email Still is the rOI King.

With all the buzz about the latest in social media, web 3.0 and the metaverse, email is still the undefeated, 800 pound gorilla that brings in a whooping average of $38 to every $1 spent on email. The inbox is key. Even for low-consideration e-commerce purchases see massive returns on their email marketing. More than any other channel combined (in some cases). The trick is to do it right.

$38 return on every $1

Even on low-consideration and high-urgency e-commerce purchases.

The money is in the list

And this won't change going into 2022. Call us today.

The return on investment in email marketing is probably the best way to fully capitalize on the organic traffic we generate for your business. Get on-board with a free audit where we analyze piece by piece and step by step your marketing processes for bottle-necks and areas to improve on right away.